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Posted by JEXstudios1 - September 30th, 2008

hey fellow newgrounders...
im making a short movie for my friend, and i need a short piece of music made for it, i have gon to audio programs what so ever except for audiacy, and i need a1-2minute piece, and it needs to be a 80's up beat theme, and it needs to fit into these words http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.
cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=3361 0241&albumID=348443&imageID=2803284

i would glady pay you, but i have got no money, and well, have no source of income as i am only 14
thanks heaps appreciate it

joshua haywood

Posted by JEXstudios1 - September 12th, 2008

This is how i feel, and whats happend to me in the last few days...
blank... emptynesss... anoyance...lonlyness... its just goes to show who your real friends are. not the people who pretend to be your friend and just treat you like absolute shit! ive had enough, i just cant take all of this shit, its just not fair! i try to be a good, nice person, and it all goes to shit! what have i done that made me deserve this? fuck it, i dont give a shit any more do what ya want, but dont expect anything from me, i dont give a hit anymore, and im fucking sick and tyred of it. can some one please explain to me what i have done to deserve this? first, i get shit from everyone, questions all the rest, then i get fucking harrased by james, to the extent that i want to kill him. then i get dumped, im not qutie sure why at the moment, and then this cunt ryan has the fucking goal to throw a fucking chicken roll in my face, this is just fucked. i cant hack this shit, ive done nothing wrong,why the fuck do i get treated so badly, yeah sure ive had a fucked upp life and im not the most liked person, but its not my fault! u start me, i aint backin off, neither should i. il go the whole ten yeards, but dont fucking treat melike, and give me shit for nothin, if theres a reason, go for it, u got my permission, but not for no reason, i just cant fucking take it! its FUCKED! fuck i hate this shit, it all goes right, and them all goes wrong within a day... FUUUUUUUUUCK

my whole life, ive been through shit, yeah its fucked me up inside, but i try to keep that in, you push me to far, im gonna snap, and get fucking pissed off, and im here warning you, im not far off it! bottling things inside aint the best thing to do, but its all i can do, i have no body to let it out on, ive got nothing to comfort me, i hvae nothing but emptyness, thats fucked up, and un fair, but i mean, what am i supposed to do? i cant help it, you know what, fuck it, if i do ever realease some of it, its through anger, explaining why i am an angry guy, so it makes sence. i can be a nice guy, just give me a chance, dont push me to my limits to see whats gonna happen, coz it wont end up good for you!!!

sorry, but i needed somewere to semi-vent

Posted by JEXstudios1 - May 29th, 2008

hello all new logo yay!
new site coming on the way so stay tuned